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Frequently asked questions

I'm looking for an apartment for under €200,000, is a buyer’s agent viable for me?

Yes, it is viable. There is a fixed fee for assignments up to €200,000.

Do you take on purchases for renovation?

Yes, in fact, from the point of view of profitability, it is much more interesting to look for properties to renovate than to buy them ready to move into.

With these projects, my aim is to advise the investor throughout the process and help them to avoid any headaches during the renovation work. I support them during the entire construction process including obtaining and comparing budgets, reviewing and monitoring the work, ensuring that deadlines are met, etc.

Once the renovation is complete, I arrange for the property to be rented or sold at no extra cost to the client.

I need to sell my house first. Do you also manage everything to do with the sale?

Not personally, but I would put you in touch with my most trusted colleagues in the sector and I would constantly monitor the evolution of the sale.

We would work hand in hand to align the sale of your house with the purchase of your next property.

They would handle the selling process and I would handle the buying process.

Can you help me with permits and paperwork?

Yes, with absolutely all permits and formalities.

How much does a real estate buyer’s agent cost?

For transactions under €200,000, there is a fixed and predetermined cost.

For transactions over €200,000, the charge is a percentage of the purchase price.

A combination of fixed and variable fees can sometimes be agreed.

Do you do the same as an estate agent?

No. A real estate buyer’s agent is a specialist who looks after the rights and interests of the buyer only.

An estate agent works for the seller and usually mediates between their client and the buyer.

The difference is that an estate agent will have a number of properties in their portfolio to show you, which may or may not be right for you.

A real estate buyer’s agent will not have any properties lined up in advance, they will first understand your needs and then go out to find that hidden gem from among the whole range of properties on the market, including those marketed by estate agents and others.

How do I obtain reliable information on the characteristics and condition of the property?

We work with Informe Real Estate (IRE), backed up by a team of registered architects, technical architects and building engineers, who will visit the property and prepare a report describing its characteristics.

Therefore, you can obtain all relevant information about the property, before purchasing, such as the surface area, features, conditions of the installations, etc.

Does Lora Galeva have the Informe Real Estate certificate?

Yes, in fact, she is the first real estate buyer’s agent to obtain this certificate..

This distinction recognises professionals and companies that comply with all the established requirements and methodology, such as the implementation of the report within the work model, as well as a series of basic technical training for the team.

Lora Galeva IRE Certificate

What is the IRE report?

It is a thorough and professional report that includes everything from energy efficiency data to the actual usable floor space of the property.

It offers all the information about a property that may be of interest to a future buyer or tenant. All the data on the characteristics and condition of the property are real and reliable and are provided by certified technicians.

Can an architect attend the viewings?

Yes, your trusted architect can attend or, if you don’t have one, our team of architects can offer you this service and advice..

We would visit the selected properties and deliver the IRE report directly to you. You would also be provided with suggestions for the fittings and renovations, so that you have all the tools you need to make the right choice.

How a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent helps you

  • Study the viability of your project.
  • Examine the state of the sector and offer comprehensive advice.
  • Find the desired property.
  • Manage and save time on viewings.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to obtain the most favourable conditions for you.
  • • Check the technical and legal aspects to guarantee a safe purchase:nota simple (property report), ITE (stamp duty), IRE report, latest minutes of the neighbourhood council, certificate confirming up-to-date community payments, energy certificate, etc.
  • Organise all the documentation associated with the sale: deposit contract, title deeds, notary office formalities, etc.
  • Help finding finance for the purchase.
  • Perform post-sale formalities: transfer of ownership, delivery of documents to public bodies, etc.