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About Lora Galeva

If you’ve made the decision to buy a property or to invest, you are probably experiencing a host of uncertainties and anxieties. It’s normal!

The excitement of buying also comes with fear.

But don’t worry, I know how you’re feeling, I’ve been there myself.

I can tell you now that you will feel a sense of helplessness when buying your home.

Unless you’re a professional in the sector, the first question is always “where do I begin?”

And then, you’ll ask things like:

  • Will I make mistakes when selecting and buying my home? Do I have enough time to properly search and choose the best option on the market?
  • Will I receive impartial advice? Will the seller try to mislead me in the process? Who will defend my interests?
  • What if the estate agent wants to sell me a house at all costs even though it doesn’t meet my expectations? What are the risks of buying this property? What if something goes wrong?
  • Do I understand all the legal and tax formalities I have to complete to buy this property? What additional costs will I have to cover?
  • Will I be able to negotiate the price I want to pay and can afford?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? And there’s a long list of other questions that could be added to the above.

The good news is that I’m here to save you the master’s degree you have to study to buy or invest in property.

When I discovered the stress and anxiety that the buying process can cause, I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself professionally to helping buyers avoid these troubles by representing their interests.

From that moment on, I specialised as a real estate buyer’s agent.

And today, a whole team works alongside me to ensure that there are no loose ends.

The team

We are a multidisciplinary team based in Madrid. We are passionate about our work. We work with people to help them achieve their dreams.

“The strength of our team lies in the fact that we love what we do”

Lora GalevaFundadora
Lora Galeva

Lora Galeva

CEO, Founder

Dea Galeva

Dea Galeva

Team member

Raquel Lozano

Raquel Lozano

Team member

Equipo de Lora Galeva
Equipo de Lora Galeva

Services offered by Lora Galeva

  • We study the viability of your project.
  • We analyse the state of the sector and offer comprehensive advice.
  • We find the right property.
  • You save time on viewings and arrangements.
  • We negotiate on your behalf to find the most favourable conditions for you.
  • We check the technical and legal aspects to guarantee a safe purchase: nota simple (property report), ITE (stamp duty), IRE report, latest minutes of the neighbourhood council, certificate confirming up-to-date community payments, energy certificate, etc.
  • We organise all the documentation associated with the sale: deposit contract, title deeds, notary office formalities, etc.
  • We help you to find financing for the purchase.
  • We perform the post-sale formalities: transfer of ownership, delivery of documents to public bodies, etc.