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A luxury within your reach.

Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Services

Did you know that you’re already a VIP?

There is no doubt that the real estate buyer’s agent service is a very exclusive service, centred around making the client feel unique and special In other words, it’s very VIP ¿But did you know that exclusivity is affordable? Becoming a VIP for me is not going to be expensive. What’s more, it will save you time, money and worry. Plus, there are ways to adapt my services to your circumstances, so you won’t be held back by financial constraints.

A real estate buyer’s agent does not sell properties, they sell the time they dedicate to the person who hires their services.. If I accept your assignment and we work together, you should know that what you will be paying for is the time I will invest in your project. But this exclusivity is not scalable, I won’t charge you more fees just because I spend more time with you No matter how long it takes, we will find the right property for you.

Before considering a real estate buyer’s agent, you’ve probably already experienced a number of other scenarios.

You will have tried to search on your own and rallied your close friends and family to search with you. Your Netflix over the last few weeks will have been real estate portals. You will have wasted your time visiting apartments that are nothing like the adverts. You will have realised that photographers can work miracles. Your phone will have been bombarded with calls and offers of properties for sale. You will have called about numerous apartments that have already been sold or reserved. They will have tried to sell you ice in Antarctica. Much to your disappointment, you will have discovered that your in-laws, brothers, sisters, cousins, are not real estate agents. They will have said: “Be careful”, “You’ll end up tied up with a mortgage”, “You’ll get into trouble”… Shall I go on?

After all this, you will have realised that you need help.

Or, if you’ve not yet experienced these situations, I advise you to do so as soon as possible, so that we can start looking for the house of your dreams with confidence. You will go through all this, but I’m waiting for you.

The house you’re looking for does exist.

Beyond the economic investment you’re going to make, there is also a very important emotional step: buying a property changes your life.

You’re going to change your life and I’m going to change your buying journey, anticipating and resolving every single issue that may occur during the process. Putting out the fires while you enjoy the experience. Providing you with everything done and dusted, so that you have zero stress, zero anxiety and zero worries.

I become your double, your eyes, voice and ears. You will have my support during the search, preparation and signing of documents, finding the best mortgage, removal and renovation companies, budget comparisons, choice of materials, furniture, decoration, after-sales procedures and possible rental or resale of the property.

The secret is to make the purchase of your property profitable, regardless of whether you buy it as an investment or as your primary residence My aim is to ensure that you gain financially, with convenience and peace of mind. A successful transaction with a guarantee that the property will appreciate in value in the future.

Lora Galeva

Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Services

Viability study of your project

I will only accept your project if I determine that it is viable and that I can help you.

We will have to sit down and talk. I need to analyse your needs and assess the real chances of turning them into success: type of property, objective of the purchase or investment, % profitability, budget, area, your priorities, your expectations, your resources, etc.

I want to get to know you first and introduce you to the realities of the market.


Market study and comprehensive advice

I will prepare a study of the market and the current state of the sector, which I will correlate with your motivations and needs for your purchase.

This will allow us to analyse whether your ideas are realistic I will advise you and together, we will assess your situation, your possibilities and make the necessary adjustments.

The house you are looking for already exists, but perhaps it’s not the one you had in mind. We may have to make some changes to your requirements, but we will find the perfect property for you.

Did you know that 6 out of 10 of my clients end up buying in an area they never thought was right for them?

Or that most start out looking for a property that is ready to move into, but end up buying a renovation project so that we can refurbish it to their taste?


Property search

I will search the entire real estate offer. In addition to searching through existing properties on the market, I will inform you of offmarket properties” that are not yet being marketed, from private individuals, multiple listing services (MLS), and other estate agents with which I work closely.

Some properties disappear within days, even hours, and I keep an eye out for these opportunities so that you don’t miss out.


Viewings management and time saving

I will find and view properties and manage your viewings, eliminating all those that do not meet your requirements. I will select and present you with only those properties that match your criteria, saving you up to 70% of time on viewings..

I prevent you from wasting your time viewing apartments that have nothing to do with the advert or your real needs. I present all the work that is being done in a very visual and organised way, so that it is always at hand and in keeping with the evolution of the search.



  • I will draw up a negotiation STRATEGY and enter direct communication with the seller, with a view to generating advantages and benefits for your purchase. . I will defend your interests because I represent and work for you. This means that there will be no conflict of interest with regards to commission, and that I will strive to achieve the best economic conditions for you.
  • I do not seek or accept any fees from the owners.
  • As for my collaboration with other estate agents, they provide the property and I provide the buyer, not in economic terms but in professional terms. Estate agents are very important partners for me, and I already have a close working relationship with them. They are colleagues who will make it easier for us to find the perfect home for you, but the difference is that I will always be on the buyer’s side, whereas estate agents will always be on the seller’s side.
  • Real estate portals give us access to the price at which a seller lists their property, but we don’t know the closing price of the transaction. Therefore, we cannot rely on that data to determine the real market value of a property. I work with tools such as the MVI (Real Estate Valuation Methodology) of the Registrars of Spain, which allow me to obtain real figures and statistics to determine the true value of the property. I am also a member of associations such as BPI (Good Real Estate Practices), FAI (Federation of Estate Agents), RNAI (National Network of Estate Agents), where I have access to accurate, non-speculative data. Having access to accurate information allows me to determine a fair offer price.


Technical and legal verification

I will check that all the legal and technical aspects are in order: if there are any debts, if the property is registered, monthly expenses, surface area, cadastral data, thermal behaviour, nota simple (property report), IBI (property tax), minutes of the neighbourhood meeting, etc.
I will organise all the documentation associated with the sale and purchase: deposit contract, title deeds, notary office formalities, etc. I guarantee that the procedures will be carried out correctly throughout the whole process, with professional advice on all the legal and technical aspects of the purchase and the signing of the contracts.


Search for finance

I will help you find the best financial conditions for you. I will help you compare different options so that we can identify the one that best suits your needs. There are so many banks nowadays, it’s like there’s a Tinder for banks! There’s one for you!

We will make sure that when you buy your house, you will be able to afford your mortgage and not find yourself stretched to the limit.

Why are you spending the same money on not buying a house as you could invest in buying one? Instead of paying rent, for the same amount (or less) you could be paying your mortgage instalments. Buying a house is a sure way to save money. The worst thing that could happen is that you stay the same as if you had not invested. Even if something catastrophic happened and you could no longer pay the mortgage, you would still have lost that money by paying rent. ou can also buy a house to rent out and the rent payments would pay the mortgage.


After-sales procedures, and sale or rental if an investment

I will take care of all changes of ownership, delivery of documents to public bodies, etc.
In addition, if the purchase is made as an investment, I will rent or sell the property at no extra cost to you.



I will help to ensure that your renovation does not cause you a headache and, for this reason, my fees include renovation management.

I will provide several quotes from different builders, and we will compare them together so you can choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of the quality-price ratio.

I will monitor the renovations and keep you constantly informed of progress being made, especially if you are not physically in the city. You can also rely on my help for the choice of materials for the building work, furniture, appliances and décor.


Optional consultation with an architect

For your peace of mind, we can complement viewings with the technical vision of our team of architects. This service includes:

Property viewings with qualified technicians (architects, building engineers and technical architects) who will report on every detail of the property, such as usable surface area and energy efficiency.
Delivery of the IRE Report: a meticulous and professional report that brings together, in a single document, sketches, photographs, qualities, surface area, condition of the installations, thermal behaviour, cadastral data, monthly expenses, etc. It includes everything from energy efficiency data to the actual usable floor space of the property. It includes all the information about the property that may be of interest to you for your future purchase.
Delivery of the renovation proposal: in addition to receiving reliable information on the characteristics and condition of the property, you will also receive the renovation proposal you need. This way, you will have all the information you need to make the right choice.

If you already have a trusted architect and prefer to use their services, we will be happy to work with them.


Ready to get your project off the ground?


Lora Galeva, buying and investment expert

I have experienced all the uncertainties and fears that can arise when buying a property, and that’s why I position myself entirely on the buyer’s side, representing and fighting for their interests.

I work exclusively for the buyer, turning the purchase into a pleasant experience with zero stress or anxiety, while my client spends their time on other important engagements. In other words, I don’t sell houses, I sell the time I will dedicate to the project.

Every client who decides to work with me is a VIP. They don't have to be a VIP when they step out of the house, they become a VIP the moment they contract my services.